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Only using Patented and Certified Solutions. 

With Maximum Guaranty.

We offer HEPA/UV/CDs Expertise

We ensure green spaces free of:


WE DO: Building site without natural and humanmade disturbances - Residential homes away from sources of emissions and noise - Low-density housing with sufficient green space - Personalized, natural, human- and family-oriented housing and settlements - Building without causing social burdens - Natural and unadulterated building materials - Natural regulation of indoor air humidity through humidity-buffering materials - Low total moisture content of a new building that dries out quickly well-balanced ratio between thermal insulation and heat retention - Optimal air and surface temperatures - Good indoor air quality through natural ventilation - Heating system based on radiant heat - Natural conditions of light, lighting and color - Changing the natural balance of background radiation as little as possible - Without human-made electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation exposure - Building materials with low or nule radioactivity levels - Human-oriented noise and vibration protection - Pleasant or neutral smell, without outgassing toxins - Reduction of fungi, bacteria, dust and allergens as much as possible - Best possible drinking water quality, CDs and other Chlorine Dioxide Solutions (ClO2 )- Causing no environmental problems - Minimizing energy consumption and utilizing as much renewable energy as possible - Building materials preferably from the local region without promoting exploitation of scarce and hazardous resources - Application of physiological and ergonomic findings to interior and furniture design - Consideration of harmonic measures, proportions and shapes - Building Biology -



Clean Air and Water Engineering

 IONIZER - (air and water)

UVA- (ultra violet virus/bacteria killers)

HEPA -(High Efficiency Particle Arresting)

PURIFY - (Filter and chemical correction)

pH-ORP - (water control)


We use ® technology of proven efficacy, to reduce substantially the contamination load microbial in air and surfaces, and to neutralize odors and COVs. *Two types of ionization to air to reduce particles, and a UV lamp, and a catalyst that it generate oxygen, and non-aggressive oxidizers, with hydrogen basis to reduce the microbial pollution. *Two additional processes of leaked of air through pre-filters and HEPA filters ("High Efficiency Particle Arresting") with grids of absorption of 0.2 microns which acquire the majority of floating elements in the air both organic as non-organic, without need for maintenance. * Ionized of indoor air in all rooms incorporated in ventilation systems with delivery of a concentration of negative ions greater than 3x10^6 million cm3, that it captures and removes odors of tobacco and with bactericidal effect. *Two processes of purified and filtered natural water without using of chemicals; following natural filtering systems at different levels of stone/sand and gravel with final layer of carbon filters. *Restructuring of molecular water by micro-clustered water technology with movement to high pressure / speed of the water by bombs vortexes of last technology. * Chemical correction and pH of water through ® technology on the dispensers of drinking water, and Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2).* Storage of drinking water tank from golden pyramidal, which incorporates the double treatment improved and the revitalization of the water using noble metals of photocatalytic reactions, in this way; it achieves fungicidal effects, neutralizes and kills the spores / mildews / viruses / bacteria that cause different problems of health and it increases the vibrational energy of the water* UVX system in water that removes 99.9% of microbial agents by ultraviolet radiation; in the same way that does it the Sun; as oxidizing natural by germicidal lamps with wavelength within the solar range.

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